Axiom Link and their parent corp, Bilinguals (both in in Manhattan), are fast growing national healtcare service providers for qualified healthcare professionals. They employed me to fix up their logo, design cards (below), and design a brochure (further down). My contact is Joe Matuza (212) 684-0099.

Here's the logo they sent me. UGLY!





Here are three rebuilds I provided for them. The first one is "plain." The second one has a shadow on the globe, and the third one has the shadow and a white outline to make it "pop."








The client chose the first one. They also rejected this one:



  Axiom and Bilinguals needed business cards.    


  Lastly, I designed the brochure for their children's autism program.
It's a 8.5" x 11" trifold, front and back.