For the true
book lover,
I proudly offer
the ultimate in bookshelves...

The BookShelf®
    "Where books
feel at home."

in any size
or color.

The BookShelf® is a bookshelf that looks like a book...and opens like a book!


The BookShelf® features a solid wood book case built into a large "book" that is wrapped in book canvas and opens on a hinge. It's a big book of books, all hand-crafted.

The Basic Model of the BookShelf® measures 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 1 foot deep. The shelves are stained a Dark Oak color and then Polyurethaned. The book's cover, spine and back are covered in brown book canvas. Also, the top and right side of the book case are faux treated to look like gold-painted page edges (see photo below).

Custom Features
You can customize your BookShelf® with any color stain and any cloth you want (red, purple, denim, velvet, etc.) at a minimal cost, or free if you provide the materials. And there are many other Custom Features you can consider:


-- Brass hinges
-- Lock & key
-- Peg holes for adjustable shelf height
-- Larger size (Narnia, anyone?)
-- A music box that plays when it opens
-- Printed design on inside covers (See Paper Marbling, below)
-- Secret compartments within
-- Open on the left for Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, etc.
-- Theme: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Willy Wonka, Disney, Bronte/Austin, Art Deco, Chinoiserie, Sci-Fi, "My Favorite Stories" painted in gold on the cover, etc.
-- Use your imagination!
Also, you can always customize after purchase.


  Below is a down-view showing the top of the faux gold-painted paper edges. If you click on the photo, you'll see a larger version (horizontal).  


Below is an example of three Custom Features*

  1) The color of the stain on the shelving is Sangria (by MinWax) which matches the client's other shelves.

2) The inside cover shows a "paper marbling" print on it. This was a popular Victorian decorative motif for quality books, each was unique --- a tradition nearly lost during the 20th Century. (Search "paper marbling" on Google and on YouTube to see the many variations of this beautiful art.) Of course, I can have any design you want printed and placed on the inside cover and back cover as a Custom Feature.

3) I used blue velvet on the back inside cover to give it a rich depth (see picture, below). In a real book, it would be off-white or beige paper (or paper marbling for quality books).

*Child not included.



  Below, you can see that the BookShelf® sits on a platform. When the door is closed, it rests on the platform to prevent the hinges from bending over time. The platform also inhibits tipping. However, I DO strongly recommend (and will provide) a wall bracket.  

Close up of Sangria stain color and blue velvet.


Basic Model $399.00
- 4ft x 3ft x 1ft dimensions
- Four shelves stained Dark Oak & Polyurethaned
- Brown canvas wrap
- Plain paper on inside cover & back cover
- Faux gold-painted page edges on top and side
- Platform & bracket
- Prices do not include Custom Features (above)

Small-sized Model $299.00
- 3ft x 2ft x 1ft version
- All other features as Basic Model

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"Where books feel at home."