Lydia contacted me from Craigslist:

"I am in desperate need of a new design for my natural bath and body product line. The process of not only designing, but editing and printing these labels is time consuming. Right now, I'm looking for a new logo design that I can just copy and paste onto my label templates.  I've attached the image I am currently using which I've tried to save in several formats, yet it still looks kind of blurry when printed.  HELP PLEASE!"

Here's the old logo she had:

So I made these variations, free of charge. Can you guess which one she chose?


Lydia selected the second one down on the left column.
I accepted half my bid from her (via PayPal) and then made these variations on that logo:

Lydia selected the first one. So I went a little further and made more variations in simplicity:

I eliminated the shadows because often, when a logo is printed small, the shadows can get murky.
I also provided her with black & white versions since clients often don't want to pay for color printing:

I hope this explains the kind of back and forth process of good design.
Again, please consider me for you work.

Dylan O'Leary
850 748 3825