I provide my clients with excellent designs and promotional materials like logos, ads, brochures, and business cards. Clients get their message across quickly and inexpensively and their customers are immediately impressed by their materials.

I typically provide clients with 3 versions or styles for free and let them select which one they like best. That way, the clients see what they want before they even pay. At that point, I accept 50% of my bid and make the clients' selection perfect. It's a good back-and-forth process. Click on Eve Jenae Natural, below, as a text-book example of the process.

All my clients will vouch for my work and their contact information is listed within each link, below.

Call me at 850 748 3825 or email me at dylanoleary@gmail.com.


Guru/Craigslist client
    Classic Design
logo, brochure,
photography, website

Temple Beth-El
prayer banners, signage,
funny t-shirt

    Blue Angels
magazine design
  Breast Cancer Awareness/
Ribbons of Hope Gala

poster & photography
    Jewish Film Festival
One of the coolest
logos I ever made

K. W. Cowles
TV commercial, brochure

    Southern Coast Home
Design Magazine

founding editor and designer

Axiom & Bilinguals
brochure & business cards and rebuilding a client's logo ... using the Force.


Pensacola Museum
of Art

flyers, post cards

website design & photography
    Curl Up & Dye!
yep, it's a beauty salon...
Eat your heart out, Divine!
  Korean War Memory Project
Pensacola St. College
promo ad featuring local National Kitchen & Bath Members
New York mechanic
developed a new widget
for trucks
logo design
  Key Products
brochure, logo, website coming
    Charlie the Plumber
"Call Charlie!"
  Dannon English
t-shirt designs
    Coastal Coupons
bi-monthly coupon mailer
3 min video, logo
    Alpha Closets
logo, brochure, website
squadron patch -- the dragon
website, logo
  Aragon Wine Market
boutique wine shop,
funny ad
        .   .link