Pensacola Jewish Federation's Film Festival -- I made this spiffy little logo years ago when I made my first steps as a filmmaker here in Pensacola. I'd become good friends with Rabbi David Ostrich (click here for more on that). While loitering around the temple, I got to know Marge Wein of the PJFFF (or "pfff!" as she sometimes called it).

So, as part of my desire to link the many film groups in Pensacola together, I had a site on my production company's website that links to all the groups. As I started typing the link to the PJFFF, this little charm "spun" into my head. If you haven't noticed yet, the sides of the dradle are motion picture frames. And the colors are the Israeli flag.

To me, the icon is as American as the Statue of Liberty. There's a hundred years of American history in it, Hollywood's history, which almost entirely a Jewish industry. In an instant, the film-dradle icon symbolizes the ideal way (and sometimes harshly truthful way) American sees herself. If you click on it, it'll take you to the PJFed. I don't think they've been showcasing a lot of films recently, but contact them anyway!

The original website for our film is gone, but you can see more about it at our new site

Nota bene: The entire "Pensacola Jewish Federation FIlm Festival" might be trade-marked, but it is not trade-makred by me; the film-dradle, however, is trade-marked by me. And one day I'm going to learn how to animate the dradle so it spins while showing different scenes from great Jewish films. Can you tell I grew up watching a lot of HBO in the 80s?