John Oliver is the owner of Key Products Advancement (KAP). As an engineer, John helps inventors take their ideas into production. He works mainly in China. The first item below is the brochure he uses to show inventors the process from idea to production. Below that are some beautiful designs I made for the business card he and his partner in China use. You can contact John at (850) 677-1438

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Here is KPA's brochure, front and back. It's 11x17 designed to fold. You'll see that the front of the folder has a fake blue "tab" designed on it; since most brochures wind up in file folder cabinets, the tab will present itself to the viewer.


  Inside view: The process is neat; if you have the time, read the larger version, below.      

Larger version:


Here is the card John and his partner in China use. Beneath that is the logo, larger.

Here's the logo enlarged. See the ying and yang?