Katheryn Cowles designs beautiful high-end bathrooms and kitchens. Having moved to the Gulf Coast recently, she asked me to design a new brochure for her company, K. W. Cowles. Katheryn can be contacted at (850) 626-9636

The brochure is 10" x 10" and folds twice, creating this:

Also, see the
30-second TV ad
that I shot and edited
for her on YouTube:


Designing the brochure yielded many ways to orient the different photos and literature. The result is the two spreads below:
The four panels of the cover, the back, and the two inside panels are on one spread.
The backside is one image spread over all 4 panels (viewable once the brochure is completely opened and flipped over.)
Here are two spreads. Remember, because of the double fold, the cover panel seems upside down but it's upright when folded.