Welcome Spartans!!!

Dylan O’Leary will present a writer’s workshop titled “How to Write Your Comic Book Novel” during SOLA's spring event. The one-hour workshop will be divided in two parts: a speech about the structure of comic book novels and a workshop.

Part 1
Dylan will speak about the structure Frank Miller’s two amazingly successful comic book novels “300: The Spartans at Thermopylae” and, to a lesser extent, “Batman: The Dark Knight”. Both books have been turned into billion-dollar film franchises and since then, hundreds of comic book novels have been adapted to the screen. It is a now well-established “foot in the door” to success. Dylan will also bring a comic book novel he wrote and published which you can preview at www.dalarnahorse.com. Dylan will focus on the very popular “character based script” style in which a character has a goal, attempts to get the goal, fails because of his/her fault, corrects the fault, then finds success. This is illustrated in the workshop part.

Part 2
The workshop will focus on a worksheet (available on the next page). Participants are encouraged to come to the workshop with a story they’d like to write and have it filled out on the worksheet. (Copies of the worksheet will also be available at the workshop.) The worksheet helps writers realize a story within the character-based script style, jotting down their main character’s name(s), conflicts, faults, goals, etc. The next page also has an example of a completed worksheet. Dylan will ask and pick volunteers to read their worksheets aloud, offer them suggestions and allow other participants to offer help.

Last, the workshop will touch lightly upon how this kind of character analysis helps reflect on one’s self and one’s own plot in life.

Dylan O’Leary received his MFA in film writing from Louisiana State University and has written and directed two indy films in Pensacola. He taught screen writing at Pensacola State College.

See more about his work at http://dylanoleary.com